Our Approach

Wellbeing isn’t just one thing. At SO Health, when we say Wellbeing, we mean a holistic approach to all the things that make you feel good, and keep you impactful. That includes mental health, an open and striving mindset, physical fitness, resilience, and being prepared for whatever challenges will come next.

We start with an assessment, led by you about the things you want to achieve in life including, but not limited to, your fitness. We will also talk about what success looks like for you and the Impact this will have on your life.

From this initial assessment we will agree a simple plan of action, supported by the online and offline resources SO Health provides and, if necessary, our many associate experts.

The Impact

Whether it is losing weight or just facing each day with new confidence, we will help you achieve the success you want.


Our 1-on-1 classes and PT sessions are backed up by our dedicated app, emails, WhatsApp groups and community events to keep you connected to your goals and others who share them, making you feel part of our community.

The result is a new lifestyle, fully supported, to give you the results you want.

The Offer

Our Fitness Club
3D Health Club is a private gym in Liverpool City Centre, with plenty of nearby parking and in walking distance of the Business District.


Fully stocked with all the equipment you could ever need, the private nature of the gym means you can be confident of privacy and access 24 hours a day to your own exercise space.


Fitness and yoga suites mean there is a space that fits your exercise plan perfectly.

Bespoke Goal-Focussed Programming

Using SO Health’s knowledge and experience, we will write a unique and tailored programme to guide you towards your goals. Easy-to-use in everyday life, our programmes contain exercises and targets covering wellbeing, both mental and physical which you can use at home, alongside our online resources, or even in other gyms.
Online Resources
SO Health can provide a number of online resources to keep you on track towards your goals. Pre-recorded training sessions let you work out on your own schedule, while blog posts and email articles educate and inform, with prompts to keep you at your full potential.
Counselling & Therapy
Licensed practitioners cover a wide range of therapeutic disciplines available in person and online for staff members.