Our Approach

What does “wellbeing” mean to you? For SO Health, “wellbeing” is a holistic approach to the things that makes us feel good and impactful, including mental health, an open and striving mindset, physical fitness, resilience and being prepared for whatever challenges will come next.


For you, your company, and your staff, we provide services that complement each of these areas to keep every part of your business feeling good, and impact on future success.


We start with an assessment, led by you as a leader in the business. We will then discuss on what impact you want our work to have and improve within your business. We will agree on a simple plan of action, supported by the online and offline resources SO Health provides, and our many associate experts.


As a business, it is important you know exactly what services you are buying and what your costs will be, so we this in advance. Together with our executive support, you will feel ready to utilise a wellbeing approach and lead a transformation in your workplace.

The Impact

Every business is different, which is why we tailor your Feel-Good Impact plan to your own unique circumstances, with a focus on the financial wellbeing of your organisation.
We have worked with businesses who want their C-suite team to feel sharper and ready for a challenge in the business, with leadership coaching and mentoring to prepare them individually.

Some businesses want to run effective workplace-wide wellbeing and resilience
programmes, being mindful of their duty of care towards their employees. Whether you are running a warehouse business, retail or, for example, manage delivery drivers, improving the physical fitness and mental health of your employees will keep them effective and efficient. We will help you communicate with your staff, to grow and feel-good. Staff will be quicker, sharper, more resilient and flexible, helping you and your business.

Others are starting up, or facing a transformation in their business. Good mental health
wellbeing provides the resilience and capacity to be the leader they want to be and navigate their new path. Combining executive business support from experienced strategic associates we help them formulate a plan for their future.

The Offer

We offer a range of services for you, your staff, your workplace and the company.


You and your leadership team are expected to manage the complex environment of your business. To help you deliver the best possible impact, SO Health provides a range of services:


  • Consultancy: SO Health’s collection of associate experts can cover everything your company needs for maximum Impact. From company policies in HR, to internal communications we have experience at putting in place the nuts and bolts for any company people ready to work with you and your leadership team to deliver feel-good impact across the whole business.
  • Mentoring/counselling: We have experienced associates with a track record of their own leadership success, who can provide confidential mentoring with a focus on you and your team’s own personal wellbeing to keep you feeling good and ready to manage.
  • Thrive & Resilience Training: Combining leadership coaching with physical and mental health training improves decision-making and helps manage stress levels. Our coaching work has helped many business owners face the day with more energy and greater focus.
  • Mental Health wellbeing: Our sessions give leaders the tools to combine meditation, yoga and pilates disciplines to give you and your leadership team the awareness of their own mindset, and that of others, for the best competitive advantage (available in both group and 1-on-1).
  • Policy development: For those who want to build capacity in their business about their duty-of-care and wellbeing policy development.


  • Workshops & courses: SO Health runs training sessions and group classes that focus on a wide range of topics, including mental health wellbeing physical fitness and mental health wellbeing designed to engage and delight employees. Your workplace will feel refreshed and prepared as employees approach their day with new feel-good energy.
  • Wellbeing content: Resources for your staff team internally, encouraging positive and resilient behaviours. Online branded materials and access to web-based resources mean staff can access help and support at any time.
    Staff Members

    For more intensive support, SO Health offers packages to support individual staff members:


    • 3D Health Club: A private gym in Central Liverpool equipped with a range of modern fitness equipment, and includes both fitness and yoga suites. A growing community also allows networking and connection with peers across the Liverpool City Region.
    • Personal Training: Combining mental health and physical fitness, our 1-on-1 sessions work with individuals to an agreed success plan in a private setting (not inside other mass gyms).
    • Counselling & therapy: Licensed practitioners cover a wide range of therapeutic disciplines available in person and online for staff members.