Classes | Workshops

We support your company to help staff lead a healthy lifestyle, developing employees’ body and mind through tailored classes and workshops. Over 90% of employees who have taken part in our Workplace Health courses have said that they found the sessions useful, and that they will utilise the skills that we have taught them. 

Through our consultancy, our aim is to create a healthy, happy and focused workforce that is motivated, loyal and productive. We do this by delivering bespoke programmes that are tailored specifically to your organisation and the needs of your employees through motivational health checks, wellbeing chats, mindfulness, and whatever your needs may be.  

We provide fun, focused and productive team building and reflective workshops to strengthen the relationship between colleagues and improve team resilience. This helps your team to work better together, supporting the productivity of your organisation.

You can also support staff outside the office with SO Health at 3D Health Club