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Don’t take only our word for it on what we can deliver… We have a large quantity of happy testimonials from clients of ours, happy with both the courses on Workplace Health and Fitness.

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Workplace Health

Home Carers Liverpool

“SO Health delivered a live six week mindfulness program to our staff. The feedback is great. We all found the sessions informative and rewarding. Some of our staff use the learned techniques on a daily basis. We look forward to our next course.”

Red Ninja

“We really encourage health in the workplace and know how much it benefits our staff. Having SO Health come in to do yoga allows us to unwind and relax which is so important to us. After that first session everyone was visibly more relaxed for the rest of the working day. We can’t wait to start having it as a weekly session!”

Kay Jones, Univar

“When we began the SO Health’s wellness course, I was a little sceptical. But we were made to feel relaxed and the session was well worth it. The course taught me not to attempt to do everything at once. If anything, I would have liked the session to be longer, and I am looking forward to more sessions to see how we all benefitted.” 

Michael Macmahon, Managing Director, Denholm UK & Ireland

“The best I have felt for years! I just have a general feeling of well-being, more energy, sleeping better and mentally very alert.” 

Richard Chandler

“SO Health don’t provide just any old programmes. They put as much focus on mental health and wellbeing as on physical health. Within about 10 mins of starting I was convinced I’d smash my goals, which was the motivation I needed.”

Your Housing Group

 “Your Housing Group is delighted to be supporting SO Health and their work promoting health and wellbeing to young people. Having a sound state of mental health is key for anyone, but especially young people. Exam time is looming and I’m sure this project will go a long way to help alleviate the stresses.”

Allison Kavanagh, Univar

“When signed up to SO Health’s Introduction to Wellbeing course at work, I had been going through some personal issues and so was intrigued on how others would deal with stressful situations. I found the techniques offered really insightful, and felt it was something I could definitely put in place.”

Angela Dunn

“I was a little cynical going into the session, but the instructor was very enthusiastic and obviously loves what he does. This positivity was catching and made me feel very relaxed. The session taught me to try to think and react differently in situations where I would normally stress.”

SO Fit Club

Cynthia Erivo, Actress, Singer and Grammy, Emmy and Tony Award Winner

“SO Fit Club are brilliant. I was away from home and unwilling to let my training slide. SO Fit Club was the perfect match for me! They came up with training that was exactly what I needed, and fit perfectly around my work schedule. I got great results and he even introduced me to regular yoga. I was well equipped to continue working when I got back to London.  I am one happy customer.” 

Lee Omar, CEO Red Ninja

“Training regularly with SO Fit Club has had a dramatic, positive effect on my overall health & well-being. It has improved my overall balance in life and allows me to push on with personal goals, whilst feeling much better‎.”

Claire Sweeney, TV personality

“I’ve seen massive results. SO Fit Club are the best and I would highly recommend them.” 

Sarah Hetherington

“SO Fit Club have made me excited to exercise and even miss it when I take a day off!” 

Amanda Gratton

“The changes didn’t happen overnight but I have had fun throughout my journey. I can’t believe how much I have improved throughout my programme.” 


“The change in all aspects of my life has been huge. I’ve increased my confidence, improved work performance and am now able to play with my young daughters without losing my breath.”

Ngunan Adamu, BBC Radio Presenter

“SO Fit Club was my first point of call after I had my son three years ago. I had worked with them in the past so I knew if anyone was going to get me back to my best it would be them. I enrolled in a 12 week programme and after 6 weeks I felt confident enough to travel to Ibiza and wear a bikini. I have never looked and felt better than when I have trained with SO Fit Club.”

Neil Lawless, Project Manager, Crown House

“When it comes to health and fitness, the best decision I have ever made is to train with a Personal Trainer. The next best decision is in choosing SO Fit Club.”

Suzie McGreary, Lecturer

 “I have been seeing SO Fit Club now for over a month now. I originally sought there help due to an old back injury that had been playing up and causing other injures within my body. My training has been focused on strengthening my muscles around my injury. I have felt improvements in the short amount of time I have been having sessions. I am confident that I can grow stronger and get myself back to the old me pre injury.”