Confidence | Drive

If you’re looking to take action to achieve all of your goals, our bespoke SO Fit Club packages can instil the drive you need.    

It is astounding what you are able to accomplish when you are both physically and psychologically healthy. Our main aim is to support your body, mind and soul so you can achieve the very best in life.

These packages are designed for a spectrum of abilities, from beginners to athletes, and will give you the tools you need to achieve all of your health goals, as well as the motivation to accomplish anything else you want in life.

The SO Fit Club is tailored to your specific needs based upon a preliminary consultation.   

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Gentle Start: 30-Day Challenge

Our Gentle Start is a 30 day challenge that is ideal if you are looking to begin or reconnect with your journey. In less than a month, and after breaking a bit of a sweat, you’ll better appreciate your body, mind and soul, and have a fundamental understanding of the actions you need to take in order to maintain the new you.  

Make it a Habit: 60-Day Challenge

It can take up to 66 days to form a new habit. We can do it in 60. Nearly half of what we do every day is performed out of habit, this means it is most effective to incorporate your work out into your usual routine. Building on the Gentle Start, we will not only give you all the information and understanding you need, but will ensure it becomes part of your weekly habit, keeping your training as a part of your life.

90-Day Challenge

Our 90 day challenge takes you to the next level, pushing you to new heights and keeping you engaged with your mind, body and soul, guiding you through the process and giving you the long term confidence to reach and surpass your personal goals.