• Yoga 4 Youth – SO Health Join Forces with Your Housing Group


    SO Health are joining forces with Your Housing Group to for the Yoga 4 Youth Tour, a programme developed to reduce stress and anxiety in young people, whilst  promoting a healthy lifestyle. The project also supports local communities, the Healthy Liverpool agenda and OFSTED guidelines.

    The primary focus of the sessions will be:

    • Year 7 Pupils

    We have identified the transition from primary to secondary school as a key area where pupils may experience stress and anxiety.

    • Year 10 Pupils

    Time leading up to examinations can cause great stress and anxiety.

    • Students in independent education

    Many students in independent education facilities have recently been NEET, and often unengaged. Health and well-being is often a very low priority for them, and they also often suffer from behavioural issues.

    The tour encompasses a 4-week course, with each session lasting 45 minutes. A recognised associate from SO Health will agree on the best time to hold the sessions with the institution.

    Ben Osu, Community Officer at Your Housing Group said; “We are delighted to be supporting the Yoga 4 Youth Tour, promoting health and well-being to young people. Having a sound state of mental health is key for anyone, but especially young people. Exam time is looming and I’m sure this project will go a long way to help alleviate the stresses.

    Public Health Ambassador Saeed Olayiwola, Managing Director at SO Health underlines the importance of mindfulness techniques; “Yoga and other mindfulness techniques can be vital in helping us to manage stress and anxiety, and lead to us achieving great things. If we are able to teach these techniques to our young people there is no end to what they can achieve in their future.”

    For more information on the Yoga 4 Youth Schools Tour, contact us today!

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