• Broadway star Cynthia Erivo’s personal training success!

    Broadway star Cynthia Erivo’s personal training success!

    Cynthia Jennifer Hudson’s co-star in The Color Purple spent three months with SO Health.

    A former SO Health personal training client is currently earning rave reviews on Broadway as Jennifer Hudson‘s co-star in The Color Purple.

    Cynthia Erivo came to SO Health in preparation for her role as Puck in Shakespeare‘s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Everyman Theatre. She put a request out on her social media, and her friends recommended SO Health!

    Working with us from March to June of 2015, her goal was to become more lean and toned, which would have the added advantage for her career, particularly in the aforementioned role as Puck, a physically demanding part in the Shakespeare standard.

    Our consultant and Public Health Ambassador Saeed Olayiwola worked closely with Erivo, providing four months of personal training sessions four times a week, focussing on strength, cardio and yoga.

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    Cynthia herself was happy with the results; “Sae is brilliant. He was the perfect match for me! He came up with training that was exactly what I needed, and fit perfectly around my work schedule. I can’t say I always liked him for it, but it was always for my own good I got great results, and he even introduced me to regular yoga! I was well-equipped to continue working once I got back to London. I am one happy customer! Thanks Sae!

    During her sessions with Saeed, Erivo told him of her life changing role on Broadway.

    I am thrilled for Cynthia,” says Saeed. “She was a pleasure to work with and we have struck up a real friendship. I’m sure she will go from strength to strength in New York. Just keep up with the training!”

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